28/4/16 What do you do when you find the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle

It is this amazing camaraderie

that we have, 

like we have known each other for ever 

and been through it all together,

so tight are we.

Who would imagine

two old poets like us

finding each other stumbling through life

bearing the scars of experience

and wearing them proudly?

And so we compare notes,

Compare scars,

and they match like for like.

We are the same age 

so it isn't surprising

that we have things in common. 

So we dig a little deeper and it begins

to become uncanny.

More and more

Harder and harder, we search 

looking for differences 

and finding few 

and none major.

We would have made such perfect friends. 

What a tragedy that our hearts 

could not stay apart.


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