The Wine You Are



This is a poem written to my Other. Please read it as such.

The Wine You Are

Written to My Other.


First, the bubbles in the bottle:

“I have been loving only you

“An open heart is an open home”


A time away, I would fly to you,

my nascent a,

young at heart,

the Lady – of innocence.

But blackened by the dusky cellars

That cater to the casks

Wine bottles filled,

You’d care to know.


And when you are tested with

“Love is an Act,”

I will be there the entire way through

The show

I must watch

I cannot pass.

There are ways to Love

More strong than Death

More real than Nothing

And more human, too.


If He, the Genius of Cause and Effect

Brought us Together,

Then I drink.

But I drink for us,

For you are my only, Everything.

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