Never Met One I Didn't Like



From: "Another Hundred Blundering Wonders in Hymns, Fins and Shenanigrins" (unpublished)

Are you saving them up for some rainy day?

Afraid you've not enough to give any away?

If you insist and persist to share only gray,

there's a little risk that exists in that some may just stay.


They could cast a spell if the right round of them fell,

or like Pavlov's Spaniel, crave the sound of a bell.

I say spend them like hell, they grow back so well,

sometimes twice as well, 'til you try, you can't tell.


A bowl of soul nourishment and always in style.

They're hopeful encouragement and wear well in profile.

They are the best kind to spend time in any drink for awhile,

all the grinning swimmers, dripping glimmers, in every wag, wink 'n smile. 


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