Our Receding Ways



a relationship gone stale

That lingering gaze lingers no more

Unified smiles, half-hearted and thin

Those lengthy conversations cut painfully short

Diluted and weak, short and sporadic

Apathy crawling all over our skin

Our closeness ebbing like a departing tide

Retreating into the heart of an eddying mist

A pair of lost souls, emotions run dry

Our fingers untangle, slipping away

Changes, subtle changes, changing our paths

Time is scrawling new pages, unforeseen chapters

We dream different dreams, seeking pastures new

Walking through a dark valley on opposite sides

Our common goals, passions, likes and loves

Waning like a pile of autumnal brown leaves

Drifting away in a groundswell of cold wind

We can reflect, reminisce all day long

Evoking the past, the connection we shared

The sworn promises, whispers of perpetual love

Our pounding hearts, tremors of excitement

Ripples of pleasure running through our veins

Primal lust, exploration of the flesh

Becoming soul-mates, eternally merged

A wonderful state of being

Yes ... we can reflect

But reflection merely prolongs the process

The imminent finale

We have converted into dying planets

Lights dimming, sounds fading, ethereal echoes

The fire within us has degenerated into dying embers

Now we are strangers, back to our origins

Communication a chore we both despise

Our eyes fall upon others

Carnal thoughts straying

We both know

Human nature has altered our ways

Our story, short and sweet

Has crossed the finishing line

And we part under a cloud of silence







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