I did some time behind bars and it got me thinking of the concept of freedom and how I see freedom and what people believe freedom is.

Freedom is letting go.

Freedom is having the freedom to let something go.

Freedom is a state of mind.

Freedom is to lose it with no intention to find.

Freedom can be just a word.

Freedom can mean something to him and nothing to her.

Freedom is to begin to understand.

Freedom is to relate with only knowledge in our hands.

Freedom is married to time.

Freedom is sometimes measured but can't be brought.

Freedom is to live life.

Freedom is to feel all emotions but to act upon what wrong or right.

Freedom is to be who you are.

Freedom is to let your true colors show not to hide them in the dark.

Freedom should not be a choice.

Freedom is for all and not for you to exploit.

Freedom can be deaf and freedom can be blind.

Freedom can have a voice and freedom can have sight.

Freedom is always there.

Freedom is not always exercised as freedom can be rare.


By mingle

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