A poem about an animal, can you guess which one?

Confident that I am downwind,
undetected by my dinner,

I sit and stare at my prey,
watching and waiting.

Hidden in the long grass,
creeping ever so slowly.

Once I am within a few strides,
I break my cover and charge.

He runs.
I pounce.

My sharp claws extend,
thrust into his throat.

His spine cracks loudly,
as I sink in my canines,
ever so slowly.

Dragging his lifeless body out of sight,
I start with his hind.

66 pounds later,
I cover him with leaves.

Returning every night,
continuing to feed.

His skin and hair,
help with my digestion.

I continue to feed and get my fill,
long after the meat begins to rot.

After several nights of exquisite dining,
nothing but bones remain.


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