Hidden Secrets, Hidden Lies



A poem that I wrote based from the personal perspective of surviving years of child rape at the hands of my father.

You fooled the whole world
with your well rehearsed scheme.

You were a horrid nightmare...
disguised as a peaceful dream.

You shattered my heart and soul to pieces....
Still, I worshiped you through tear-filled eyes!

I tried denying what you were hiding......
your hidden secrets.....hidden lies.

You hid your soul behind a Bible.
You hid your heart behind a pew.

Folks couldn't see your cold, dark nature.
They couldn't see the actual you.

You fooled them all, but not for long!
Folks started seeing through your disguise!

They saw what I knew all along......
your hidden secrets....hidden lies!

Now you're gone, and I'm still here.
You can hurt me no more!

I can finally live my life in peace!
Now my soul can finally soar!

I ain't one to judge, but facts are facts!
And when you met your demise......

I'm sure that God, reminded you
of your hidden secrets....hidden lies"

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