New SpLaSh! from the Grinistry of Defins!



Hoping you Haddock and Hamachi each had a safe and happy "Tankswimming"


 There's been a cancellation, a permanent postponement!

A little termination of any reverent component!

For the love of fin fun and cetacean pun atonement,

a grin above your chin, just some, is where my aim is for the moment...


 In a snap, aft this message, we'll return to your show,

grins this catfish who's mere vestige spurns blues and sorrow.

For a moment, in this instant, know these words insouciant flow.

More bits o' wit to put sad distant and your woe flow more fish mellow.


 We, Namazu, Blundering Oblivious Bloat, (NamazuB.O'.B. or "The Brothers Grinn), Itchy and Urchina Oochenscoot, Phlex Sphincter, Tick Willy, Mi Oon, intermitant, resident denizen, Nori N. Salada and me, Towt Wwiff, (The one with thumbs who writes inanities for fish), 

here at; The Grinistry of Defins, Administry Of Degrins, Beada Beada, The First Church of what's left of Earth, Acrid Albacore Academy, Loopy Newt Institute and The College of Capricious Catfish on the compound at Fish Pants Dance Antics Ranch remind all we do not consider ozballz, misfits, politicians, outcasts, outliers, shut-ins, hermits, iconoclasts,and recluses as having undesirable character!

 Fin fact, you are welcomed with open hearts, fins, tentacles, barbels, spines, maws and arms, (firearms, depending on demeanor).

 Only those with no imagination or lack of appreciation for Natures' divination are subject to our proliferation of vituperative excoriation and evisceration, the rest get our best offal...


 This moment of notice is all I required.

Just wanted to float this, lest we grow sad and tired.

I believe we can achieve where you were previously wired

before this "brief reef relief" was so deviously fish fired..

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There's more where that came from!