The Berg



I wrote this many years ago, inspired by a lover. I'd known as soon as I set eyes on her that I should run the other way, but found myself unable to do so. Disconcerting experience I can tell you! Ended badly of course.


I sail uncharted waters here,

I can’t see my way through.

Yet trust my compass points towards,

My destination true.


I realize though, now I’ll not,

Be seeing home again.

I see you looming through the mist,

And watch my old life end.


So now in my last seconds, 

Of freedom and of choice,

I see the beauty, feel the pull,

As pure and cold as ice.


Yet helpless to avoid my fate, 

I do not flinch, instead,

Too late to alter course or speed,

I yell, “Full steam ahead!”

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