We can't just wait for change to happen, We need to make it happen.

Shootings and violence, voices going unheard
Politicians fighting and not just with words
“We need to make more cuts” becoming the norm
Whilst we’re expected to close our eyes, move on and conform

Pensioners brutally robbed, left lying alone, cold and bruised
No money for CCTV so we can’t find the accused
Abuse hurled at strangers ‘cause of the colour of their skin
People stand back; film it on their phones as others join in

The people that need money shoved aside and discarded
Thoughts and opinions completely disregarded
Whilst billionaires run around with their stolen green
Exempt from prosecution due to a legal system that’s obscene

Rapists getting just months in jail
‘Cause it wasn’t their dick they used to impale
Injustice becoming more pronounced
As we wait for the world leaders to be announced

A healthcare system that’s being pushed to the point of breaking
With the man in charge only being concerned with money making
When they open their mouths all that comes from them is lies
Rubbing their hands together as they make more plans we’ll despise

Poisoning the earth despite the locals pleas
Not giving a damn who they displease
Segregating the people who make the society whole
Ripping apart a country just because they’re in control

Walls being built across the lands
Keeping us apart when we should be joining hands
Why should race, religion and where we’re born
Reduce us to nothing but a bargaining pawn?

Change is coming and we’ll all play our part
So listen to your head, but more importantly your heart
As we come together to stop this living nightmare
Revolution is a word that’s being whispered through the air

© Rowanne S Carberry 06/10/2016

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