A song of life



30/11/2016 A vision of wonder and pure imagination

My eyes are glued

to this shooting star.

I am drowned

in deepest, darkest night,

blackness pervading all,

but somehow I find this

celestial spark

and air fills my lungs

and I feel my feet

slowly lift off this cooling ground

and the wet atmosphere

buoys me...

...and I drift. 


Now I smile

because I think of you

and I know that you know

this feeling.

I can hear you whisper,

though we are worlds apart,

your hot breath lingers in my heart

and your words fall like tumbling leaves

in slow motion,

glittering and shimmering

like cloth made from diamonds. 


They fall through the caverns

of my heart,

slowly down into the bottomless abyss

of my soul. 

My blue eyes suddenly light

and I turn them to you,

up to the sky,

up to the heavens

and in my heart is a prayer,

in my mind there is light

and in my soul there is love. 


...and I send it out into the world

like a caged bird set free...


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