The Mandibular Dribbler Bites Again



(Dentition indentations or nibbles and bites)

 I would not leave my own homes’ zen view

but, do need a reprieve from this gnomes’ frozen menu.

I can tell they’ve done well with their swell things to chew.

When in town for a spell, the pounds found around me accrue.


  She’s been here awhile, you can tell by her style

as the dishes dance agile, ‘neath a well rehearsed smile.

I’ve never smelled error in my tastes, tests or trial

when I’ve delved with my terror and pasty face from exile.


  My feed lot when I’m not in the geezers’ freezer bitchin’.

A neat spot liked by a lot, except blue jeans seams stitchin’.

With hash browns hot and yumalot, this jot had got me itchin’.

I finally got a good pot shot, from fish, at Kristies’ Kountry Kitchen!

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