True reflections of Trust Hope and Restoration



This poem addresses questions that we all come across, in life .It gives answers to the our heart, soul and spirit . This poem speaks to our inner-being, addresses doubt and it gives hope .

How can  we ?


How can we turn from God, who created heaven and earth ?

How can we question His authority when we don't know the future ?

How can we say He doesn't exist when you and I do ?


How can we lose hope, when every storm comes to an end ?

How can we give up when God offers us help ?

How can we be blind and yet we see the wonders of God ?

How can we say God doesn't care, when His only Son He did not spare ?


How can we say today is the last when there's a tomorrow ?

How can we say situations won't get better when God can do the impossible ?

How can we say God doesn't see our pain when He is everywhere ?

How can we not love God and yet we love to stay on the earth He created ?


How can we not encourage our loved-ones to love God, and yet we say we love them ?

How can we say this is it , when God says , ' I am preparing a place for you '  ?

How can we say the earth is our home, when God says, heaven is our eternal home ?


How can we doubt, when all is so clear ?










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