Tick Stock



From "The next 99 rhymes, times and signs of blundering catfish mischief". Release in August, sideways, iridescent grin! >-=^;>

 Laugh it up, monkey butt, I'm glad you had a good time.

Go on and grin then, at part of my fashion, you'll be crawlin' by the end of my rhyme.


 SpLaSh! fun at me in this picture you see, in old socks that have been reassigned,

but when I wear these, this catfish believes, I can see things when they start to climb.


 Now ,while they don't cut short, they certainly do thwart a beeline for my property prime

and these bottomless goon socks, worn here in the boondocks, stop squatters of insect and grime.


 The work done on these grounds, where the forest surrounds, reminds all of life in the sticks,

but, though I spout love shouts, while swimming these woods 'bouts , I'll grouse about louse, mouse and TICKS!





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