The Hole In The Universe



(Empty, but not Exhausted...)



She saw in Krishna's mouth 
the Universal Whole.
Within two cauldron eyes 
inflamed by love, denounced,
spun in a tired bowl 
her careful thoughts surmised
an Emptiness pronounced

This reign of song is brief
the dance is shorter still
in quiet was the storm
grown silent in relief
a falter in the Will
the shapelessness of form 
with deference to a thief.

She smiled into the deep
of Krishna's unhinged jaw
and, numinous, re-gowned,
turned all the world to sleep.
Beyond the Edge she saw
a thread become unwound, 
freed by a Gordian leap.


By Rebecca C. Mandeville, MA

ChainFree Living  #ChainFreeLiving #LiveYourTruth @ChainFreeLiving

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