Original poem from epic fantasy, 'Legacy'. A hybrid warrior-princess must come of age and fulfil her destiny, but there is wrenching loss involved.




One single life, however long,

A blink of Nature's eye.

How many truths are lost and won

Before the time to die?

Fate holds the power of balance

Over savagery and calm,

But through the mystery and the chance,

Love must endure the harm.

A myriad choices in that blink,

Mistakes and brilliant deeds.

A map appears from those who think

To sow the living seeds.

Thus charted by courageous art,

It frees the captive soul,

And sagely mends the broken heart:

A thousand pieces, whole.

To choose to stay, or choose to go,

Or choose a while to rest,

It matters not, except to know

That what is done . . .is best

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