Cheshire Catfish. (Sideways, iridescent grin).



No one said I could use the same bio repeatedly!


 Bob like a buoy, weave in the wind!

I lob lines of hooey and leave the safety unpinned!

A confetti Kablooey! Then, with my catfish bowl chinned,

run fishy rhymes that are chewy and grin as though destined.


 I swim with this twinkling antimatter grin.

At friends, I like sprinkling a splatter in scrigglin'.

A smile while I defile this poem with my pen.

Eyes wild and grinning wide, old O'Bloat floats again!


 Run, swim or paddle, you can go try and hide.

From an internet satell., humans worldwide have cried.

Sore nose prose aerobics, from a catfish, pie eyed.

For siluriformaphobics, some aromatics that I've sighed.


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There's more where that came from!