This lonely, lonely home


This lonely, lonely home

So lonely since you went and left

Leaving me bereft

Every room so baron and bear

Leaving me naked and bare

What happened, what happened?

I thought our love was everlasting

Eternal, eternally

You were my breath of life

Shining a light of hope

Now I am so, so alone

Your light shining for me

Now and now I am lost

And now you are free, free!

What can it be for you to leave?

You packed your bags

And all I can do is sag, sag

Drooping my head, head

Sitting here glaring, staring

Out of this grim, grim room

Where there is too much space

Time and space

Oh when I first saw you

Oh the awakening, day breaking

The sun glistening

The stars shining

The moon so glittering

Where we had no beginning or end

Thoughts running through this mind

Staring out of this window

The shattered garden you so loved

The weeds have taken control

Uninhabited, abandoned

Desolate, deserted

I cannot touch it!

Reach out to it

Oh babe I’m screaming, crying

It’s driving me insane

Oh babe those days have gone

How can I go on, on and on?

You will always be in my heart

Even though you have departed

Some days are too hard to bear

Some days are too hard to breathe

Some days are too hard to live

You will always be here

You’re here and so is your spirit

That spirit so divine

Your love is still felt here

I’m not begging you

But please come home

Where I’m longing to hold onto you

Hold you, hold you so tight

With all my might

I need you!

Come home to my heart

You were all my dreams come true

Through and through

So why oh why throw it all away?

Come back and talk to me

Tell me, tell me

Where it all went wrong

Babe oh babe I miss you

This home is so lost and alone

Without you!

We need you!

You’re still in my dreams

Not nightmares

Darling sweetheart

We just don’t need to be this wind apart

The days are endless

The nights sleepless

The clock never stops

Endless ticking and clicking

Did you know, do you know

That you are my eternal love

Lover, lover

Friend, friend

Can we make it right?

I will always believe we were meant to be

Can we believe it still?

Oh my sweet babe

Are you reading this?

Then let me know

© Teresa Joseph Franklin

17th June 2016

All Rights Reserved



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