The Fence



About discord at my church, due mostly to a small misunderstanding...

The fence is a barrier,
a boundary, an obstacle.
That it created this mess,
it's almost comical.

The situation eats at us
from way deep inside,
like a slow acting poison,
when our feelings collide.

We feed our bad thoughts
with egos and pride,
our subconscious stating
"apology denied."

We are right, we scream,
we know you are wrong!
We don't understand why
you view us with scorn.

It festers and grows
this thing we created,
out of nothing begets
a cancer, mutated.

What was misunderstood
has become a disease,
a sickness of ill thoughts,
even affecting the Trustees.

This honest mistake,
this misunderstanding,
will tear us apart,
unless we start changing.

Is it worth it, this chasm,
this division, this discord?
Shattering our house,
of God, can we afford?

As they say -- "really?"
Some posts and a chain,
have created this mess,
have caused us this pain?

Is the fence more important
than the Body of Christ?
Let bygones be bygones,
c'mon, just do what's right.

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