Poem about a woman I'd admire from my view.


In the true sense of the word
Her body sings a melody of love I doubt Cupid has ever heard
From the depths of her soul to her surface
burst with originality
What I’ve seen in my dreams was a vision
but now I’m looking at reality
A woman that walks her own walk
talks her own talk
thinks her own thoughts
How blessed I feel to be in the presence of such loveliness
Call me Jehovah
for I have witnessed
A sensation in its truest form
She is the feeling that gets me warm
the emotions after a couple’s first kiss
the reoccurring fantasy in my mind
the hug I get from someone I haven’t seen in a long time
To call her a dime would be low-rating her
To say she was just fine would be degrading her
For she is on a level so high that even if she falls
The winds of enchantment would catch her
And she would still float above them all
Some doubt her true nature
Saying what she presents can’t be real
Envious because men step to them like hood rats
But approach her with a gentleman-like appeal
Now her appearance is very capturing
But what’s in her heart means more
I can spend my days gazing at her beauty
But what else could I say
If I were sitting alone with her
I would say
I’m digging your personality like a grave
I’m sweating your vocabulary and thought-formation like a slave
Your kindness has cured the blindness of my hidden rage
You’re like a compelling story full of glory
Leaving me breathless from page-to-page
You’ve been engraved in my heart like a tattoo
Attached to my thoughts like bubble gum to a shoe
By me saying these things
I can only bring her curiosity or delight
Wondering if I’m her light
Or just a dog trying to get a bite
I know things seem out of focus
I’ll provide her my eyes for sight
Seeing that having one night with her is really not my drive
I was hoping every night with her for the rest of our lives.


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