The Blackness



I wanted to write something about an issue that I am battling each and every day. Depression is a serious issue and should be addressed as such.

Feeling tired, feeling helpless
Sometimes gasping for air
When the blackness comes
You can feel its despair

The blackness can come
Any time any day
When you feel its grasp
You know its there to stay

You feel so alone
In this black hole void
You hide from family
Your friends, you avoid

Personally, I go through this
Each and every day 
I'm glad I have my family
Without them, I would stray

They're the ones that keep me going
When the times get rough
Even when the blackness comes
They help me to hang tough

But sometime, the blackness
Is a powerful thing
Nothing matters in my head
When I feel it's sting

Some people say there's nothing wrong
Just get over it
I'm here to tell you here and now
You can all eat shit.

It's no disease, it's no virus
I can tell you that
We can't help how we feel
Sometimes we feel so flat

So to you all who criticize
What it is we go through
Do your research, read a book
Maybe then, you'll get a clue.

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