Hate Love



This is a poem based on my totality of relationships and what I have experienced. Mainly the contrast of what I believed a loving relationship should be compared to what it seems to end up being.

I Want You,
Cold Heart,
And Distant.

Blame Me,
And Name Me,
The Guilty,

If I Change,
This… That,
You Won't,
I'm Wrong.

So Why Try,
All My Fault,
You're Right,
My Song.

Perfect Love,
No Lust,
Such Hatred.

If You Care,
You'll Suffer,
For A Word,
No Debating.

Can't Feel,
Can't Hurt,
Shutting Up,
You're Right.

The Alibis,
No Excuse,
Question You?
Why Fight?

Shaun! More!
Lose Pride,
No Respect,
Take It All.

If You Can't,
How Could You?
Your Love,
May Fall.

Don't Leave,
Do This To Me,
You Are All,
I Live Pain.

Every Reason,
You Think,
Why Stay?
I'm Insane.

Mental Prison,
It Isn't This,
Never Is.

Every One,
Seems Love,
Don't Exist.


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