The Thing



The UK is littered with projects, large and small, which were meant to enhance, improve, make richer the lives of people. They are well meaning; they are at least attempts. However, they are usually thought of by an institution, a public body, or a steering group with no relevance to the every day

There is a Thing.  I see the thing, the Thing that was meant to bring

Some imitation of improvement.

But the thing is you see, the Thing; it was conceived of by "the Man"

You know that monolithic, overarching Man,

The power behind the movement

That spawned the creation of the Thing.

And the Man, the distant Man 

He handed the Thing on,

He did that because he can,

And He gave it to the great and good, the Them, the They.

They are the "have a goers" 

                                          And make sure They have their say

And so the Thing becomes That Thing

That will be disseminated down, by the They and Them

Benignly given to the Us 

                             Who should be so grateful for the godsend

Bestowed by Them and They

On behalf of the Man, the Man with all our plans

Laid out for us to obey.

So the Us, the grateful Us form groups and volunteer precious time

   And the Thing takes shape, the Thing is done, the Thing is built

With no thought, no reason. And with no reason, there is no rhyme,

And the foundations of the Thing turn out to be 

                                                        Them and They's sand and silt..

                                                        And so in five years down the line...

...I see the Thing, the ill conceived but well meant Thing

That is no more than ruined memories

                         Where the ghost s of good intentions sing

Of opportunities lost, of the waste and of the shame.

And the Man and They and Them they go

Unaffected to the next Thing...

...And Us? Well aside from the shell of the Thing that died

                                     Our lives are just the same....

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