Scarborough on the sea




Slanting hills, hidden meadows,
Towering cliffs, Flowing streams;
Glistening at the touch of the sun's beams
Sights that all should see.

There walked an evil fiend
Destroyed lives of many younglings
Once proud, now ashamed
Though not blamed
The creature is buried there in.

The summer's sun
You can have so much fun
When the day is done
The night's sea breeze
Cradles you to sleep.

Windy moors
Where fear roars
Inhibitions holding you;
down on all fours
A walk through may harm the soul.

Broken castle-keep
towering over shore
Watching the tides high and low
Bombed by u-boats
Once a symbol for war
Now it watches in vein
As a new hatred grows.

Fish and chips,
ice cream on the beach
What more can the taste buds need.
For winter's sleet;
hot doughnuts and Horlicks
To warm tired feet.
Most of all, she has cradled my heart's sweet
Scarborough on the sea;
With much beauty and charms,
Halt darkness from rising insidiously.


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