Life is like a saga, A story still unfolding, Chapter after chapter, A bestseller you are holding


Life can be a struggle
A wrestling match at times
Opponents at the ready
A contest of heart and mind

Life can be refreshing
Just like the morning dew
Moisture upon parched lips
In deserts that we walk through

Life can be a river
That flows steady and strong
At other times a puddle
Muddied by souls traipsing along

Life can be joy and laughter
A garment to be worn
A wedding party or celebration
A baby just been born

Life can be a broken glass
Its contents spilled everywhere
But every shard reflects the light
Even in the midst of despair

Life can be an uphill climb
Life can seem unfair
But there are no lives that are the same
So why do we compare?

Life is like a romance
A test of our affections
A dance on a ballroom floor
Or solitary reflections

Life is like a saga
A story still unfolding
Chapter after chapter
A bestseller you are holding

Life can bring the day
Life can bring the night
A never ending cycle
Of darkness and light

Life can be an ocean
That stretches the horizon
Waves hugging the shore
Or a tidal wave arising

Life can be a stallion
Full of power and grace
Galloping at speed
Determined to win the race

Life can be a roller coaster
An exciting terror ride
Twists, turns, and sudden plunges
But at least you know you're alive

Life can be like an eagle
The king that roams the sky
Turns and flies above the storm
Not afraid to die

Life is like a shadow
It mimics what we do
It follows every step we take
And shake it, we cannot do

Life can be a candle
That burns brightly in the night
Pushing back the darkness
And to others it gives light

Life can be filled with joy
Life can be pain
Life can be sorrow
Or a rainbow on a stormy day

It's a wonderful life
Whether filled with sadness or mirth
And this life was made more beautiful
On the day of your birth

So live your life out loud
As only you can do
Because there is but one life to live
A life made richer through you

Life © 2009 by Kris Peterson.  All rights reserved.

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