The Journey



You know those times where your on a train and we'll I'm sure most of you can picture, what I'm trying to describe

The Journey

It's warm today, dressed like an Eskimo no skin on show, blinding light flashes of beauty go by, the carriage blowing cold air from above, jacket kept on just as well.

So warm it looks outside, dreaming of a sand filled seaside, children's voice's fill the air as the couple angrily stare.
Coach B is where they want to be, as I return to my dream by the sea, " TICKETS PLEASE! ", what is this voice that disturbs me.
Out the window mother nature in all her glory, now that's for another story.

Scenery, Greenery, Watery, landscape fills our eyes, will there be a surprise, you know what the weathers like, the next time I open my eyes.
The flickering sun, visions of fun, children's laughter fills the air again, the couple look as if in pain.

Countryside flashing by, telephone, pylon and rail cables gone in the blink of an eye, the ocean cascades with shades of clashing white, blue skies reflecting from it too, these are the many wonders nature bestows on me and you.

Finally we reach our destination, the couple muster everything in frustration, the children's laughter still a plenty, that makes my heart glow evidently.

©Grant Dickson 24/05/2016

Written at Poetry Workshop

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