My complicated work family



You cannot spell dysfunctional without 'fun'

When I start to feel anxious, or worse, uninspired,

And perhaps my new job is not what I desired,

I remember that the road to success has its bends,

And in the office you can make long lasting friends,

My first friend was Tom but he said very little,

I asked him for guidance, he was noncommittal,

“I’ll think it over” he said as he started to walk,

But as I came to understand, Tom prefers not to talk,

So there’s Eric who has worked here for more than 10 years,

But he is roundly despised by most of his peers,

He hoards all his knowledge, can’t hide his delight,

When a colleague is forced to admit that he’s right,

There are stories of Jan, she was congenial and spry,

These days she does eye rolls and audibly sighs,

And looks with contempt across the aisle at Logan,

“Do you deserve my attention?” is his personal slogan,

It hangs beneath his “Be Awesome Today” sign,

His approach to time management doesn’t really align,

Like Daniel, whose worldviews one might label extreme,

Does not care about feelings, even less for esteem,

He’s demanding and simply won’t tolerate blunders,

But HR told him millennials tremble in thunder,

So he’s not allowed to scold them directly,

Or demonstrate how to do it correctly,

So he fumes and the steam pipes from his ears,

And I consider all that I will learn from my peers,

Who I sit here amongst, and when things start to look bleak,

I remember this is my family for 40 hours per week.  

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