COPYRIGHT-FREE: THE PLAYAODY (Collective Post-ManBurn Hum)



ManBurn 2016, Watched & Heard On Night-Stream Live

ALL RISE AND SING . Nobody does, but everybody IS

in effect--such taken pains to get here serves an encrypted

larger purpose, with default-whirled return commencing to differently arrive

as the pollen-glimmering high-desert Flower of Black Rock 

draws to harnessed closure again

its radically improbable annual Hive...


Laptopped, reduced to hearing it left behind in Berkeley, streaming

evocative! Orchestral, softly solemn, a kind of Hymnaltronic murmur,

of atmosphere between mountains coursed by Mach 1 timbre

harmonies gaping like dust-cloud

the voluminous whole grown-up 

in waves from the flashing, visceral particularity

of so many art cars spread so

uniquely far & wide, as much lost as found within


full of sound & youth released

as if suddenly into middle age then old then Gone...


in this ancient lake bed we're manifestly ephemeral 

a poignantly semi-conscious solidarity

heard from the live stream

the lion's share of a mile  off! the mic fixed, a cocked-zoomless ear,

and below, as from a rain-forest canopy, only desert,

loose-it Dream, boughs of dust-billow


the wind shifting sidelong harmonies, now cloudy,  now clear

inside out as tight, towering columns of smoke

spin fully-formed,  gliding into being one after another as if summoned

like paranormal first-responders leaving 

the year's Man collapsing behind, 

for a front-line emergency south of imagining

(out of body, out of mind...)


so yet another launch of lean better angels

from the final red tons of coal then, bedeviled through aerial anthem, heroic Soul

restaged, almost entirely unsung:  clandestine special forces to barely save again

the world @ large for another year. And the NEXT Man-Burn Counter?

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