A Letter from Marriage



Originally published in The Tunnel of Thoughts

A Letter from Marriage


Dear God,


Once they called me sacred

Coz of my unique power for covenant

Once they glorified me for my dignity

Coz I was solid and strong

Once they celebrated my day

Coz I gave them home


Then wisdom of my masters escalates

 They became too clever

To forget my existence

They became too tough

To dishonor my importance

And they became too brave

To seek for my weakness


And now I feel the lump on my throat

My heart silently breaking apart

Goosebumps penetrate my soul

And soundless shouts wish to be heard

Screaming to save me

From the accusable thoughts


I was charge for being guilty

For driving my masters for committing sin

I was sentenced like a murderer

And I was forced to marry

To my new unloved husband named “Divorce…”


Asking for your empathy,


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