Some "Can't Have Just One" Fun

 There's a bakery in town called "The Baklava Shop".
I'm aching to tell how well they bake up a crop.
Maybe not convenient but, well worth the stop.
They've lots of ingredients but, still put love on the top.
 Go North one day in your wagon or sleigh a glance and a half out of Mio.
Hold up on the way to old Onaway at an Atlanta hamlet that I know.
No loss of quaint with art shop and cafe but, so one won't forget where to go,
it's across the main lane from the "Elk Box Display" in front of the old P.O.
 Take your treat to a neat lakeside park in the city
Or backpack your wrapped snack through the woods and up a tree.
The fact is, I've accessed  an excess of "the tasty"
while slacked back in a hammock, I whacked a whole sack of pastry.
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