Gene manipulation in siluriforme abnorm.



I might have been dining on detritus under Fukushima...


 Catfish don't Christmas for one single day!

Fact is, it's daily practice to SpLaSh! jingles in spray.

The gist of my bliss, most geneticists say,

is a twitch in my tail switch, with glitched D.N.A.


 A fish wish psychosis on a perpetual scale!

I insist on happiness year 'round and wholesale.

Most sadness is tossed with a flit of this tail

and badness, out-sauced every minute without fail.


 In this gift of my essence, my humility shows,

every shift of my conscience to ease humanity's woes.

Squidwits just wield it when the year comes to close

but, this fish deals in it every minute and some in prose.

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There's more where that came from!