ALL IS CALM (New Poem)



As I sit here quietly, calmly, the sun all aglow


As I sit here quietly calmly

The sun all aglow

There is peacefulness, stillness

That I am thinking about

That resided here long ago

It was filled with love and hope

A love that I so dreamily hoped for

But that was long ago

Today is filled with hope once more

A chance to wish

A chance to live

A chance to be happy

To dream the dreams

Where it will seem so real

Real, real, real!

Is it right to feel?

Is it right to want that feeling?

When all I really wish and hope for

Is someone to love me!

With all their heart and soul

As this heart is ready to love you

Adore you

Cherish you

Be your best friend

Be your lover

Be your heart and soul

Oh boy do you dream the same things?

If so come and find me

I will search high and low

For this elusive love

As I am sure that you are also

One day, one day

One day, one day maybe

That is not that far away

We’ll make sweet music

Together, together

Hoping, hoping forever

If we were together

Eternally, eternally

You’d be my passion

A passion so strong, strong

I’d never get enough of you!

When we swoon, swoon into unconsciousness

Oh such bliss, bliss

The silent, silent silence

Where we never need the words

Oh I’d never get enough of you

You’d teach me the real meaning of love

I’d teach you to

We’d never get enough of each other







Oh these wonderful feelings

That is so wished and hoped for

© Teresa Joseph Franklin

9th October 2016

All Rights Reserved


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