On my way home...



Nice place to visit...sometimes.


 I fin gaseous Saturn in my holding pattern, waiting for clearance to land.

This "Fish o' the galaxy", (more myth, wish or fallacy), word sailing with terms sad and bland.

The "all clear" is given, this fish again swimmin', grinnin' to get my fins in home sand.

I steer quasar driven, whiskers just spinnin', in a minute I'll be in it and grand!


 I crash by the asteroids, just ahead past the vast void, my sweet home of Tethys aglow!

I laugh with my eyes moist, unabashed with a rasp voice, I bust song in my bliss high and low.

By sixty-two moons! The ice and light swoons! Then Saturns' own home lightening show!

Wild gas cloud typhoons! Bright, floating lagoons and wavelengths in solar flares flow!


 Then a glimpse, in an instance. There! Off in the distance! Insistent in the infinite black!

A hint of Earths' presence where a dearth of worth's essence is persistently tracking off whack.

Puny humans spew fumes, rudely ruin room for blooms, doom and gloom, I assume their world they'll rack.

For you who grew on "Little Blue", if you knew your love would do, would you woo her blue hue back?





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