An Ode To Ice



Originally released in "100 Concentric Dialectics of Eccentric Fish Antics", Jan. '14, after a particularly deep and cold Winter at the fish pants dance antics ranch.


 It appears to me, this Winters' cold has turned a few fish from meek to so bold.

They now swim in a swarm

just trying to keep warm,

as the ice up will not be controlled.


 Down deep in the dark, there patrols an old shark, wise to the ways of the ice,

who'll risk certain death

just to surface for breath

so won't rise to the same air hole twice.


 Ice is so peaceful and brings a new lease full, when the sun makes the air much more warm.

It moves without seeing,

the Ice is a being,

a beautiful crystalline life form.


 I swoon in my heart at such staggering art on the banks and the shores of the lakes.

The way it behaves.

The sculptures and caves

and the air from my breath, it so takes.


 The ice insulates me, it allows me to see wherever the fish seeker goes.

And should he veer close,

break the ice with my nose

and have human for lunch...adios...:::>-=^;> 



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