"He & She".



"He & She" Poetry of love & expression of inner soul binds inside!!..

           "He And She".....
A mighty voices raises for the time
Life started with the name of he
And Ended with Rhythms of She,
Finding he in a crowdy beats
With Hope Of Running soul hearted of She.

Walking in a path to find a shadow of he
But life plays an role to meet a new love as She
Saw Her first time met her first time
As She was the shadow before of mine
But a time left a voice of mine as
A beautiful Wanderer of Rover life....                                    
I flight away by Lonely and silently mourning
On burning fire soul of mine.
She blooms and glows and shines,
And stares silently as the dry leaf of bright plant...        
It smells and weep and tremble
Before love and the pain to find
it out Until the Next time again..
With the new name of Life & new time with the name of he
And will End the Rhythms of She.......

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