True Reflections of Trust Hope and Restoration



Prayer was my only ' lighthouse' during the darkest storm of my life.This poem describes how prayer kept me from drowning in sorrow.It describes how every human being can benefit when they pray. I did !

PRAYER       ( Patricia Sandra Bunting )    

Prayer is a powerful weapon designed in heaven .

It functions in and out of time .

It functions by the signals of the Holy Spirit .

It reaches distances that cannot be measured .

Nothing can and will be more powerful .


Prayer purifies the soul and spirit .

It functions in every language .

It can be embraced by  the rich and the poor .

Its value cannot be measured .

Nothing can compare or compete at all .


Prayer places me in the presence of the King .

It allows me to feast at His table .

It allows me to have treasures in heaven .

It enhances the value of my life .

Nothing can be more edifying .

Prayer is my link to God .

It reveals God's presence .


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