Environmental Value



Environment sometimes shapes us more than we know.

Came from a humble living,

Never born with anything given,

So when love reflects free gifts,

I didn’t know how to receive the given,


Not my fault I was broke,

No investment in self,

Values unfelt,


I was born valuable,

And didn’t even know it,

The pain,

The struggles,

I hated them,

But they helped me to know this,


Pain was part of my challenge to be great,

Struggles wasn’t unusual on the road to gain more,

No one told me this,

So this reality,

I just snored,


Questioned myself,

Blamed the circumstances of my past,

Later realized,

Ones had less than I had,


But still made it,

Still conquered,

Still succeed,


Quickly learned the things that separate us,

Is that they believe,

Found their value in self,

And said not today,

Every time an obstacle,

Tries to overtake their faith,

And from that day on,

Never looked at myself that way,

I see myself as valuable,

And failures aren’t a terminal disease,

And a reason to not succeed,

Should cease



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