Bunch of fives



25/10/16 A glimpse of some interactions and people in and around my life

They come in threes,

so they say.

Well, for me, it's left, right, left, right...

I'm throwing punches in bunches,

three dimensions is where I begin.

Come at me, I say!

Breathe your noxious breath into my lungs

and watch me turn poison into portraits in the clouds.

I'll ride out your waves of heat and hate,

anger washing off my duck and weave back.

Your glaring eyes, her tortured scream...

Oh, they do hurt me,

but I'll love you anyway,

it's all I've got really.

Push me away, bitch,

see how far that gets you,

nah, didn't think so,

my feet are planted

and you lack the spiritual muscle

to uproot this oak.

I'm still standing,

still smiling,

still shining for you,

for her, for me, even for him.

He who does not like me.

Ha! Why should he, I retort?

Fear is his friend, yours too,

though you'd be loathe to admit it, but not her...

Oh no.

She holds fear to her breast like her tender babe.


What about me?

I am mischief, love, anger, intellect,

I am hate and intolerance

and plain unjustifiable righteousness.

I am overcome with joy at seeing you,

I am attack hugs and tender kisses.

I am both the problem and solution.

I've been saving arses since 2001

and I don't intend to stop now.

I will save yours,

even if the cost is mine,

'cause that's how I roll.



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