Ten hours into the future



1/3/2017 Whatever this is, blame night shift

There it is again. 


That sucking, cold dark.

I can feel it pulling at me. 

Drawing me and calling me. 

I feel it owning me. 


Is that you there

on the far edge of sight

acting like another shadow

in the eternal dark of night?


I can feel you there,

drawing my soul,

pulling me out of myself,

bringing me into this moment.






You are are heavier than thought,

you weigh on me like all my yesterdays,

you lift me like my tomorrows. 

I both sink and swim in you. 


I bear love for you 

as if I am nailed to it

and I carry you with me

tied around my neck. 


I embrace you as you kill me,

I cling to you as though you are life. 

You are light and dark,

life and death...


...beginning and end. 


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