Holy Brilliance



! — version one

Holy Brilliance! - 

It's Holy Brilliance / that Got us Through!


Oh, Holy Brilliance - 

It's Holy Brilliance than shone us, too


It's Lover's Wisdom

It's Lover's Wisdom that reaches old age

without turning

into a shriveled grape or something strange.


Love, it Williams

or, better yet, it names

each other's brilliance

when love is the same

as every feelin 

as e'ry hope youve had

as every William

that you've [now] passed

to find the land/lamb.


No shrill or silence - 

the notes are balanced here.


No will of violence

In the future, this will glow more clear.


No forgotten victims

of atrocities long past

when the room for silence 

is instead moved to water the land.


Oh, life it could be

- this ear to the womb.

Hearing the miracle

a faithfully-earned soon.


Together well kept, 

makes its way to pluck-ed grape.

Grape heartbeat, 

one kept in hand

forever together,

Love the found, 

once forgotten




As you live through remarks

that make their way into 


but nothing at all:


way to ignore 

the foes


the foals,

the young of this world

whether of heart

or age

or uncured, fresh wisdome.


The right mind is beneath the dome,

the words it produces are its fruits of labors or of labored genius,

and this is but a reminder

to one who already knows

his or her lives,


and he(art)s.


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