Valentine's Day!!..



Gift by Poetry!!.writing!...

Dear You!...,
This Letter Literate you by my world of Writing.!!..
This is me a poetry teller
Rhyming down the line
Shimmering light of love
Pouching out my heart
in flame of different words..
Gifting you a secret beauty
Falling down on knees
folding hand behinds
Rearing one hand by
Beautiful Rose to say!..
Will you be my valentine!...

the rays of beauty shines on face
where hides the blushing rose,
Pride of fragrant poetry
Prepared in sane of love;
Garland meet for beauty's brows,
Hill and dale adorning?
Gentle maid the summer's fled
And the hopeless Rose bright forever!!..
Till the next Valentine day!!...
— Chirayu

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