I'm a Sage By Profession



About complex contemporary Indian realities

I'm a sage by profession

I'm a sage

I mean,by profession

I'm the essence

And I'm the element

I'm order

I'm faith

I'm the world of supernatural

Unsatisfied with the one I live

Looking forward to the next

I'm Columbus

I'm Odysseus

What to choose and what not to !

A voyage or a sunburn?

A Pathankot or a Lahore?

A beta house or a Guantanamo Bay?

I won't say

It's a naughty American daydream

I love it so much!

I'm insane

Insane or transcendental?

You ask me,

"Where are you going

To the churchyard or to the graveyard?

Is there a backdoor?"

I reply,

"The world is parabolic

Go on,play with hyperboles

You need a point of reference?

No need to worry,

I'm just standing here."






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