Sunday Evening Blues



The Sunday evening experience for the worker in an uninspiring career

Oh, Sundays, why do you bring me such stress?

It’s a day meant for calm, but I fret nonetheless,

Your mornings, I can spend the time just how I choose,

But your evenings introduce a severe case of the blues,

For it gnaws and it twists and it worries and lurks,

‘It’ is the Monday & another week at work,

“If you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life”,

But will it support retirement for me and my wife?

So I log into email, compile my tasks,

I respond to whatever my demanding boss asks,

I stiffen my spine, prepare for all snide remarks,

And try not to be chum when swimming with sharks,

I cheer on my directs, try to build and engage,

And wonder how my life stumbled to middle age,

Oh Sunday, let’s move away from the spiral and onto the mend,

Let’s start counting the days ‘till the next long weekend!

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