My Storage Is Empty



This is just a poem I wrote when I was going through a time in life where I felt as if I had given all I could. I felt used and abused. At the time, a friend had moved in with me and watch me and my finances take a dive while he made a big come up. I was really hurt. I just went into writing.

As we go through the trials of life
We sometimes meet people who need help
Or so we think, they seem to be in strife
We lend a hand which they always accept
We lend our hand to stop their fall
They pull and pull until we've lost our step

When we have helped so much, who can we call
No one's there, no one at all
Why did we give so much?
Why did we let ourselves go so far?
We gave and gave so free
We gave so much that it left our storage empty

Let this be a lesson to those who love
Don't love someone else more than yourself
They come to you as a dove
But they will drain you and drain you till there's nothing left
These people are not true friends
The next time someone needs help
remember to say
My storage is empty!

Don't give your stuff away to Someone who doesn't care for you
For they will trample your stuff
Then come after you too!


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