Image by Calvin



Sometimes an 'image' is all that's needed. Sometimes an image is all we see. But rarely is an image the reality of us.


You are a package of

Pecs and pouts...

Your face,

A quiet shout

Of calculated beauty.

You pose,

You smolder,

You throw come hither

Hype. You stand upon

Ledges, at least 50 feet

High, as you straddle

Big city billboards. They illuminate

You, at night.


And passersby will either

Sigh and adore you from afar

Or shift their attention,

Avert their eyes,

Although, ignoring a spectacle is hard.


Even James Dean

Would almost envy

Your sheen. Like his,

Your persona, too, is

A map of cool


Your lips filled with that

Hunger to provoke...

Your eyes, giving off whiffs of

Smoke and shards of

Dreamy light.

You are,

More boy

Than man...

More hard steel than

Supple skin...

You are more meandering shadow

Than hue...

No wonder why

Calvin Klein, or his cronies,

Chose the likes of you: It's easy to see,


Despite your blatant ambiguity...

You give such damn good







copyright © 2016 by L.M. Ross

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