The Strength of love



Finding love after more than a decade of abuse

The day I found you, I found love.

Love as pure as a dove.


My heart was broken; you once again made it whole.

You glued it back together with deep love piercing through mu soul.


My life is no longer filled with mournful night.

You came and walked me into everlasting light.


I thought love this strong was just a fairytale.

Your unconditional love made my chained up heart make bail.


Your unrelenting love awakened m heart.

Now I never want us to part.


You showed me peace and love are real.

As a result, my soul slowly started to heal.


My faith in you at times is shaken.

However, your unconditional love allows me to reawaken.


You showed me your love will never grow cold.

Your love makes me want to be bold.


I now desire to love others the way you do.

Lead me down the path and help me to.


You taught me the strength of love.

I now see it helps even the loneliest person rise above.



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