Love for you



16/12/2016 An expression of love for life

I shall be your eyes.

I will catch all the butterflies,

and rainbows,

and sunsets,

and record indelible mental images 

of all the babies laughing

and all the toddlers singing.

I will write them into my soul

and make them part of me,

and part of you.


I shall be your eyes.

I will remember all the beauty

that crosses my path,

all the pretty girls and 

all their pretty dresses,

all the shining love,

bright as the sun,

warm and glowing.


I will be your heart.

I will spread my generous spirit

like butter, like purest sand,

like gold dust.




I shall throw my warmest smiles

and most welcoming kindness

all around me like flowing silk...

smooth and lustrous and rich.


And I will do it in your name.

I will do it in your honour.

I will love for you.

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