Where are you when I need you.



so when I realized I was depressed, I thought my mum would be supportive and would understand. instead, she screamed at me and wouldn't even listen when I tried to explain... so this poem is about me just learning to deal with the fact that my family are

you don't understand
you never do
I try to explain
but I can't get through to you

I tell you the truth
that I feel so depressed
but you say I'm okay
I thought you would know best

so I sit in my room
locked in my personal hell
while you pretend its all good
and I do as well

but I'm not okay
and my friends know that too
but you can't seem to see
what is right in front of you

you say its a phase,
blame my friends for it all
but you don't understand
that this is not their fault

I can't live like this
I can't live this life
and as much as I tried
I can't end it with a knife

I know you've been through this
that you ached so much more
but I can't help but wonder
don't you know me at all!?

I thought you would get it;
why I'm acting this way
but you don't fucking listen
to what I have to say

you just ignore me
pretend I'm alright
I want this to end
I feel like I might...

but I'm not as strong
as I'd like to be
so I'll act all normal
while I wait patiently

for my time to come
and I hope that its soon
my friends understand
I wish you could too

but you don't understand
and I know its not fair
but sometimes I feel
like you don't even care

I feel all alone
but I know that's not true
I have all my friends
but I wish I had you

I know with my friends
I'll make it through this
even though it feels like
my life's falling to bits

you don't understand
you never do
but I hope with their help
I can make it through

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