A Broken Man



In memory of a brother I lost2 suicide he was 28. It would have been his birthday 2day.I wrote these words sort of from his point of view. I hope others would reach out and never be afraid2 ask for help. I support @thecalmzone feel free 2 share my poem. Your thoughts would be most welcome.ThankU

A Broken Man


As the small cracks gradually appeared

My heart felt so far away

Disconnected from this Alien land

I couldn’t understand what was

Happening to me,

I just lost my friend to a freak accident

Now my Uncle my best friend

Had passed away.


I tried so hard to call myself back

I tried so hard, really I did,

Despair caught hold of me

It was easier I felt to give up

Fighting was becoming a sad

Chore and so very hard.

I tried to hold it together

Somehow it was so hard

To bring back the very me

I had lost along the way.


A Broken man I had become

My jokes began to fade,

I was trying so hard to keep

People happy….

Yet myself I could not

I was wasting away slowly

To think even, was difficult

To remember was getting so hard.

A burden I felt I was

Becoming to my dear ones


I tried to hold out

But it seemed like I was breaking away

I couldn’t take yet another day

Just like the soil on this earth

That sometimes lacks substance and water

I too felt, I had become dehydrated

So dry….unbreathable.


To focus wasn’t the key


I couldn’t see

Sorrow held me down

The hole grew

A gaping hole in my memory

I tried so hard to breathe

To be free

But I was falling away


I just couldn’t fight

This battle no more

My heart had given up


Could they see I was breaking away?

Could they see I wasn’t myself?

If I did decide to cry out loud

To whom shall I cry out to?

I couldn’t show myself weak

I was a grown man,

It was best I ended it

All so quietly.


I’m just another soul shaped

By society,

Just another number left to rot,

Just another one of those souls

Afraid to speak

 And call out.


To eat, To Work

I couldn’t think

I wasn’t that happy man

Like I once was before

I, yes, I…..was a broken man

Tired of it all

If there was another way I

Would have gladly took,

I guess this is how things

Panned out for me,

I was broken and desperate

For a way out

This is the way that I took….


But you my friend please seek help

Please do seek help

Yours truly

From the other side

Written By M.C

In the loving memory of my brother.


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