A chorused ode to my forest abode



Natural is my Nature


 Idyllic, serene, some may say boring.

Pastoral and calm, much space for soul soaring.

A spiritual balm, those most in need are ignoring.

An ethereal psalm, that we all should be scoring.


 I swim in the rainbows and SpLaSh! colored sparks.

I grin when the wind blows in these forested parks.

I sing when the moon glows and the coyote barks

and sling notes as life's tune flows in my prose and remarks.


 I'm delightfully docile and, for a catfish, aware.

Full of fight, for a fossil, but not a wish or a care.

My glee is colossal when I can just breathe the air

and when these trees and I jostle there's fanfare everywhere!



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